Let me make it clear about WANDERING RAVENS

Let me make it clear about WANDERING RAVENS

It’s a given that you’ll encounter cultural differences that you just don’t understand when you move to or visit another country. In other cases, you might run into things which you think one other country really does much better than your personal.

I think it’s super neat to discover other cultures and how they differ from us whichever it is. Understanding our distinctions is fascinating and provides us more patience when we encounter social bumps when you look at the road.

Today we’re planning to glance at 10 associated with the biggest differences that are cultural I’ve noticed during my time residing right right right here in South Korea. Be aware that my hometown in america is Seattle, therefore several things with this list might not connect with you if you’re from a various state or nation (duh).

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1. The Hierarchy

In the usa, it is common for adults and sometimes even young ones to phone their elders by their names that are first. Whether that be step-parents, aunts/uncles, friend’s parents, etc, making use of very very first names is normal and sometimes motivated. This will be in stark comparison to Korea, where there clearly was a respect that is almost reverential elders and superiors.

Korean tradition was highly affected by Confucian one and philosophy of the most extremely apparent of the impacts could be the presence of filial piety—a respect for parents and elders.

It has lead to a hierarchy in Korean culture where you must show some known standard of subservience to those people who are older or in greater company roles.

This exhibits it self in everyday activity through such things as that is the formal language that is korean on elders or superiors.

Another every time life situation to start to see the hierarchy doing his thing is whenever you’re consuming down. Usually, the earliest individual present is allowed to be the very first someone to consume during the dining table, additionally the youngest person is meant to provide the others by pouring products and grilling the meat. And because investing in the dinner is one thing individuals often battle over (since it’s considered a privilege or method to “gain face”) it really is commonly the earliest individual who picks up the check (since I’m often the youngest individual in the dining table, we surely help that way of performing it).

2. Dating Tradition

Personally I think like in the usa, having an important other is not almost since crucial as it’s right right here in Korea.

Korean couples have tradition each of their very own. You can find vacations for boyfriends, and breaks for girlfriends. They celebrate being together for 100 times just as if it is their anniversary. Partners wear matching clothes even right down to their footwear and underwear, just simply just take huge amounts of selfies to keep in mind each outing together, and find that is you’ll there’s never ever too little things to do as a couple of in Seoul.

Go anywhere scenic or precious regarding the week-end and you may get with countless partners enjoying the scenery, taking place picnics, or walking together.

The few tradition in Korea is unlike whatever else within the global globe, so I’m fortunate become right here with some one!

3. Lookism

In the usa, personally i think that we now have lots of definitions of beauty, since there are incredibly lots of people from a wide variety of places and backgrounds. Irrespective of the human body type or ethnicity there will be individuals who believe that you might be breathtaking.

Now let’s explore Korea…

I favor that Koreans are involved with health insurance and having healthier systems. I believe that America could do with some more veggies and general public work out playgrounds myself.

Nonetheless, i actually do believe that Korea goes a touch too far, making not merely wellness, but additionally real look an obsession more than just a problem.

We don’t think (personal viewpoint right here) it’s a very important thing for the tradition become therefore consumed in real beauty, to the level where literally everybody else, including young children, constantly complain about their appearance and state just how fat they’re.

A good example of so how far lookism in Korea extends are the way you have to submit an image together with your application whenever trying to get a work. And when the business does not see you because gorgeous (suitable to the margin that is nearly impossible Koreans call beauty) you may be refused through the work.

Other for example exactly exactly how K-pop movie stars promote terribly diet that is unhealthy, exactly exactly exactly how eating problems and starvation as a method to lose surplus weight are neither uncommon nor regarded as negative things, and exactly how it is considered “empowering” to tell ladies to surgically alter their health.

The consequences of the have made Korea one of many plastic cosmetic surgery capitals around the globe, by having a pressure that is intensely high constantly look stunning. It really isn’t uncommon for moms and dads to purchase cosmetic surgery due to their daughters (usually the dual eyelid surgery) being a senior school graduation gift. And also in middle college young ones are generally preparing the alterations they will make with their faces or systems.

In my opinion that when a female decides that plastic cosmetic surgery could be the route she wants to just take, that is her choice. But once surgery treatment is forced on girls within their very early teenagers and it is presented as more of absolutely essential than a selection, I think there’s a challenge. Something similar to that needs to be a personal choice, not a thing you will do by society because you feel pressured into it.

I will be in no way the skinniest or palest Asian available to you (both things which Koreans think become associated with the importance that is utmost relation to beauty). Staying in America, we never ever once felt judged for the real way i seemed. My fat, the real way i dressed, plus the colour of my skin had been all subjective when it came to the problem of beauty.

But, whenever I relocated to Korea, i truly struggled because of the undeniable fact that in most Koreans’ eyes, I happened to be perhaps not seznamovací stránky pro cougar lidi considered “pretty.” It is made painfully apparent whenever Korean friends tell me to obtain surgery treatment to correct specific flaws about myself, or let me know that i must lose some weight, if not once I go buying makeup products plus the store associates take to offering me personally lighter makeup products and whitening cream.

Also them, I know that being an actual Korean (and not a foreigner) would be so much harder in this regard though I find these instances hurtful and was originally really put off by Korea because of.

I possibly could continue all time concerning the adverse effects associated with the extreme appears based tradition in Korea but I’ll end here to make certain that does not take place.

4. Security

I am able to state without doubt than I did back home in the States that I feel 100 times safer in Korea. Personally I think entirely safe walking the roads of Seoul or my rural city very long after dark. The only times I have actually believed uncomfortable or remotely unsafe here will be in circumstances involving other foreigners and never Koreans.

Petty criminal activity is practically unheard of here—I don’t think I’ve ever heard about someone getting mugged or pick-pocketed. Due to this, it is actually typical to visit a cafe or restaurant and view people keep their phone and bag sitting at their table—something you would back NEVER do house.

And in the event that you happen to lose one thing in the subway or while you’re on an outing it is very possible that somebody will turn it up to a lost and discovered, instead of back where somebody may possibly take it.

5. Interaction